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We offer a variety of creative services to suit every need.

Our dynamic energies and strategies, have crafted successful solutions for our clients dealing in diverse range of services including Qualitative and Quantitative, Online Panels, Data Processing and Analytics.

It is important to have right partners to achieve success.  At Divergent Insights, we are geared up to walk the talk, and go the extra mile to fulfil your requirements of Market Research across borders.

We value our relationships and will leave no stone unturned to follow our passion and create happy customers!

  • Dash into It! – Dashboard Reporting
  • Data-Nomics – Based on our client requirement we would adapt to methods / analysis as required by our client
    • Advance
      • Factor Analysis
      • Regression
      • Conjoint
      • Discriminate Analysis
      • Data Weighting / Data Balancing
      • Statistical test
      • Need based segmentation using Latent Class
    • Others
      • Tables with Multiple Banners
      • Standard tables with significance testing and moving averages
      • Data in Quanvert, SPSS, ASCII (Single / Multi Card), Excel, CSV
      • Trend Charts
      • Trend Charts on rolling data
      • Continuous tracks, database building
      • Recommend weighting models
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At Divergent Insights, we master the art of Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews or CATI.
We are equipped with 20 CATI stations with trained interviewers. With their relevant experience and background in market research and how CATI helps, our trained interviewers can efficiently handle CATI in various regional languages that cater to regions across India.

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With fully-equipped facilities in Mumbai and Bangalore. From discussion rooms to monitoring rooms with one-way mirrors, to audio and video technology, we have got it all.

We also offer our live web-streaming solutions. Our state-of-the facilities offer a creative atmosphere to encourage respondents to feel comfortable and share deepest of their thoughts.

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We provide the Right Service for Right Solutions. Every Time.

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